A Good and Godly Spirit

I believe there is a good and Godly Spirit present here. I feel it on Sunday morning when people greet one another with warm embraces and wide smiles. I hear it in the laughter of our children as they slide out of their pews during worship for kid’s time. I see it on days like God’s Work Our Hands Sunday when people pack bags of care for those in need, pull weeds in the Cottageville Park Community Garden. I am in awe of it as people share of their abundance to those who have experienced hurricanes and earthquakes and fires. I experience it when I listen to our WAM kids in choir sing. I am overwhelmed by it on Wednesday evenings at confirmation. I am inspired by it in our music on Sunday mornings from our choirs and organ and instruments. I am carried away by it through the abundance of care you show one another at funerals, weddings and in times of suffering. I believe there is a good and Godly Spirit present here, in through and among us that spills out into God’s world with love.

I am grateful for this place and my constant hope and prayer is that we would continue to grow as a family, knowing that good things, God things happen when people become part of our family. My daily hope is that one more new person experiences God’s love through our worship, programs and members like you interacting with your neighbors and friends. I am especially grateful when people say, “I love my church!” and another neighbor comes for a visit on Sunday morning.

As a family of faith, and as individuals, this is a generous place: Generous with time, wisdom and financial resources. Once a year we pause and give thanks for all that has been shared, and remind ourselves that our hope for continued growth requires continued financial generosity. Your financial gifts make a difference. The vast majority of our budget goes to support the ministry leadership of our staff in salary and programmatic ministry. Next we care for God’s house, the center of our family’s space for worship and learning. In addition, annually we share about eight to nine percent of our total gifted income.

Consecration Sunday is coming October 29th at both the 9:00 am and 10:30 am service. Please prayerfully consider growing your gifts to our mission. There are more kids that could come to WAM. There are more people who could use a family of faith to love them and care for them. There are more people who need to experience the love, forgiveness, grace and hope that we all feel, see, hear and experience when we are together here in worship, classes, times of service and times of fellowship.

I believe there is a good and Godly Spirit present among us. Thank you for all you have shared in the past, and for all you will share in the future as we continue to follow God’s voice and experience God’s love.

In Christ, Pastor Scott

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