Shepherd of the Hills is financed through voluntary giving by members and friends. We are fortunate to have generous families who share of their financial gifts in support of our ministry. We have no requirements around giving. We simply ask participants to share generously.

We also encourage members to share generously with other non-profit organizations. We know that people who attend church are some of the most generous people in the community. We encourage our members to share with those organizations for which they feel passionate. 

We also tend to be rather fiscally conservative. Because of generous giving and conservative budgeting, we have experienced budget surpluses over the last six years. In most cases we have shared that surplus (generally around $20,000 annually) with other non-profits like the local food shelf. In 2016, however, the council decided to share a significant portion of that surplus with our staff as an indicator of support for all their work.

Below is a simple one-page report of our 2016 financial picture. We organize our budget in three buckets: Share, Save, and Spend. We hope as a congregation to learn to share first, save some second and then spend the remainder. We do this in order to model a financial way of life to our members as well. We hope our families will learn to share first, then save, and finally spend last. The order is important as a way of ensuring that we share out of our abundance rather than what’s left over.

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