Who We Are

Shepherd of the Hills is a unique congregation of members of all ages. Some members have been part of this faith community for more than 40 years and others are new. Our intimate worship services and welcoming hospitality helps us know each other by name. We strive to be a family of faith in which being a member means being known, loved, and cared for. All are welcome at Shepherd, and you don’t need to be a member to participate in our activities.

Mission and Vision

Mission statement:

To love God and love neighbor in the spirit of Jesus.

Our vision:

A connected family of faith inspired by God to positively impact our community and our world.

Welcoming Statement

All are welcome at Shepherd of the Hills. We are a place where all people can receive wholeness and share God’s blessings, so we echo Jesus’ welcome to all persons, everyone:

To the devout, the seeker and the skeptic;

To single, married, widowed, and divorced;

To young and old, child and parent;

To persons of all sexual orientations and gender identities;

To people of all lands, cultures, and colors;

To people with disabilities, those ill and well;

To poor, middling, and wealthy;

To all who seek hope, peace, comfort, strength, love, forgiveness, and grace.

We invite everyone to worship, learn, serve, and care with us.

Four Key Strategies to Achieve Vision:

1. Facilitate deeper understanding of our faith as it relates to our community and world.

2. Provide opportunities for our members and neighbors to get to know and care for each other.

3. Connect people to partner in local, national, and international service opportunities.

4. Use our technology to allow our content to reach more people.