Discerning the Call

As you may know, last year was not an easy year for me in my professional life. Being denied an internship because of who God created me to be was a knife to my heart and, honestly, there were times where I wanted to give this all up: drop out of Seminary, leave the Church, and […]

Christmas Time is Here

Advent and Christmas really is my most favorite time of the year. I love watching the snow fall. I love drinking hot cocoa by a decorated tree with soft music on. I love the worship at churchand the excitement that builds over the course of the month of December. I love everything about this time […]

Our Lutheran Identity and the Reformation

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis to the Cathedral door in Wittenburg, Germany. 500 years later, we celebrate this immense and bold act to reform the Church and grow together in our relationship with God and with each other. Some of you may be familiar with the history of the Lutheran […]

Faith and Daily Life

Happy New School Year! The other day I was thinking to myself that I should set some New Year’s Resolutions for my upcoming school year and then I both laughed at myself at the thought of that and was also flabbergasted that it’s time to start thinking about going back to school again. We claim […]

The Spirit is Alive at SOTH

When I woke up on the morning of Pentecost Sunday, I knew it was going to be an intense day for me and the closer I got to the church, the more nervous I was becoming. I must have played dozens of scenarios out in my head to mentally prepare myself for any and all […]

Lost and Found

My parents love to tell stories about me and to me from when I was just a toddler. One of my favorite stories they tell was when I was no more than a year old. I had just started walking and learned to love my newfound abilities. One weekend my parents and I went camping […]

The Light Still Shines

The other day I walked into the Sanctuary to retrieve the SD card from the sound booth that contains the recordings of our worship services. It was a Monday afternoon and the entire building was pretty dark with the exception of the offices. It was darker than usual that day because it was gloomy and […]

Welcome to Advent

A season of waiting, a season of anticipation, a season of preparation – a season that is not usually synonymous with kids’ personalities. As a child, I can remember the agony of Advent, waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. My family was so busy getting ready for Christmas day that we often forgot to get […]

What in the World are the Kids Doing?

This year we have implemented a new philosophy for our Children’s Ministry at Shepherd of the Hills and I wanted to write a few paragraphs about what our vision is and how it is working so far. We first and foremost wanted to ensure that we were creating a space for all of our children […]

Caution: Adults Only

“Worship is boring! The books are really heavy. It’s so long! All we do is sit and listen. At least there are cookies after it’s finally over.” Believe it or not, I have heard these things many times from the children of our community and I cannot blame them. Worship is not inherently designed for children. […]