Good News, Bad News

The good news is my article this month previews some of the upcoming year’s great curriculum! The bad news is this already signals that fall is in our view. As someone who loves warm weather and sunshine, that is hard to fathom. Nevertheless the change of season can not be stopped so we might as […]

Sinners and Saints: Death, Addictions and Extended Families

There have been many emotionally difficult moments this past month or so. Each one reminding me that we are all both sinners and saints. So much that I bought a barn wood sign with the gifts (fruits) of the spirit on it and hung it in my bedroom where I see it last before going […]

What Mortality Can Teach Us About Living

“What Mortality can teach us about living” was the title of a talk I attended by Dr. Ira Byock in April. I went because I was intrigued by the title, own a couple of his books and like much of what he has to say. It’s not rocket science but he gets to what is important…which […]

What is in a Name?

Have you looked up what your name means? When people ask you what you do, does your title explain itself? Does it reflect work you are feel represents who you are? Do you find yourself explaining what you do each day a little or a lot more? For many, many years the title of my job has […]

Building Community

January… the month of cold and darkness after the big celebration of Christmas. It is maybe what defines us as Minnesotans. It slows us down enough to allow for reflection. It might be what makes us actually Minnesota nice. I have been reading the book, “Thank You for Being Late” by Thomas Friedman. The title […]

Blue Light

It’s hard to get my head around writing an article for December…the month of Christmas. I put my headphones in and hesitantly force my finger over my favorite Christmas album. The music easily plays but my heart is not in it. The season my childhood heart welcomed as early as it was offered feels a million […]

Fear and Prayer

When I started working as a parish nurse, visiting people in their homes, at the hospital or rehab, I would typically end our visit with prayer. I was always at bit nervous about this. Will I say the right thing? Will it sounds stupid or will I ask for the wrong thing? Will it make […]


This word has penetrated our lives this summer with great frequency. Most of us think of road construction when seeing this word. The word DETOURS took on new meaning when I was blessed to travel in northern Germany and Scandinavia this summer. Every evening I would read the details of the places we were planning […]

What Month Is it?

Every month it seems has its many assigned observances and related activities. May’s most recognized is perhaps breast cancer awareness which has a huge walk/ fundraiser and free mammograms for those who need it. Men’s health awareness has few shaving in November, etc. While this is great in highlighting and adding awareness and education to […]

The Greatest Gift

This month we will celebrate Christ’s victory over the grave, the one thing that zaps some amount of fear we as humans hold about the death of our earthly journey. At some point we have to accept our finite time here on earth and trade the known for the unknown, moving forward in faith. Sometimes […]