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Fear and Prayer

When I started working as a parish nurse, visiting people in their homes, at the hospital or rehab, I would typically end our visit with prayer. I was always at bit nervous about this. Will I say the right thing? Will it sounds stupid or will I ask for the wrong thing? Will it make […]

Our Lutheran Identity and the Reformation

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis to the Cathedral door in Wittenburg, Germany. 500 years later, we celebrate this immense and bold act to reform the Church and grow together in our relationship with God and with each other. Some of you may be familiar with the history of the Lutheran […]

Faith and Daily Life

Happy New School Year! The other day I was thinking to myself that I should set some New Year’s Resolutions for my upcoming school year and then I both laughed at myself at the thought of that and was also flabbergasted that it’s time to start thinking about going back to school again. We claim […]

I’m the Martha

Several weeks ago, we heard the story of Martha and Mary, where Martha invites Jesus to dine in her home and while she’s busy cooking and cleaning, her sister, Mary, sits and listens to Jesus; He tells Martha that Mary is doing the better thing. (Luke 10:38-42). I’m the Martha. I’ve known this since the […]


This word has penetrated our lives this summer with great frequency. Most of us think of road construction when seeing this word. The word DETOURS took on new meaning when I was blessed to travel in northern Germany and Scandinavia this summer. Every evening I would read the details of the places we were planning […]

The Spirit is Alive at SOTH

When I woke up on the morning of Pentecost Sunday, I knew it was going to be an intense day for me and the closer I got to the church, the more nervous I was becoming. I must have played dozens of scenarios out in my head to mentally prepare myself for any and all […]

What Month Is it?

Every month it seems has its many assigned observances and related activities. May’s most recognized is perhaps breast cancer awareness which has a huge walk/ fundraiser and free mammograms for those who need it. Men’s health awareness has few shaving in November, etc. While this is great in highlighting and adding awareness and education to […]

The Greatest Gift

This month we will celebrate Christ’s victory over the grave, the one thing that zaps some amount of fear we as humans hold about the death of our earthly journey. At some point we have to accept our finite time here on earth and trade the known for the unknown, moving forward in faith. Sometimes […]

Follow the Peace

I’ve observed that many people are uncomfortable when they hear Christians use language like “God told me to,” or “God spoke to me” to help explain decisions they’ve made or paths they’ve chosen. I’ve tried to translate this to non-church folks as the same thing as “a gut feeling” or “a mother’s intuition” – you […]

Lost and Found

My parents love to tell stories about me and to me from when I was just a toddler. One of my favorite stories they tell was when I was no more than a year old. I had just started walking and learned to love my newfound abilities. One weekend my parents and I went camping […]