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Let’s Talk About Mental Health

Several Sunday mornings in February and March, we’ve heard mission moments about the worsening mental health epidemic in our culture. Kaye Wothe shared that one in three people struggle or will struggle with depression or anxiety, and she invited us to look down the pew for the visual of every third person being affected by […]

Swimming, Belonging, and Welcome

I’m a swimmer. I swim 3 or 4 mornings a week with the Master’s Swim Club in Hopkins. Usually when I tell people “I’m a swimmer”, I immediately confess, “I’m in lane 1, that’s the slow lane.” This has been true for the past 5 years, but recently I moved up. I’m now in lane […]

God’s Creation

Ah, spring time! The changing of the seasons is always one of my most favorite times of the year. There is always a different kind of excitement as the seasons change. Whether it’s the colors of fall or the warmth and new growth of spring, we are overcome with the beauty of the Creation and […]

So Many Things to Share!

First, I am grateful for our family of faith. For each of you: for the way you look for and welcome new folks to our family, for the way you have decided to sponsor a new refugee family, for your honesty in speaking about mental health issues including addiction, for your energy and support of […]


This is an entry from Pastor Melissa’s blog written before her son Christopher was found on May 4th, 2017 in the Mississippi River. I share it with all of you because Melissa’s faithfulness and ability to proclaim hope in Christ shines through her writing. Throughout all of her heart-break over Chris’s death Melissa keeps reaching […]

Engagement Appeal

May 8, 2017 Dear Friends at SOTH: Our church council is launching a new strategic planning process we are calling an “Engagement Appeal.” The goal of our appeal is to create a connected family of faith through listening sessions that will culminate in a new strategic plan with broad-based input and support. You and your […]

Finding Common Ground – A Panel Discussion

Who we are: One of the things I hope for our family of faith is to be relationally connected enough to have difficult, honest conversations and remain brothers and sisters in Christ. Our vision statement indicates that we desire to be a “connected family of faith, inspired by God to positive influence our community and world.” […]

What in the World are the Kids Doing?

This year we have implemented a new philosophy for our Children’s Ministry at Shepherd of the Hills and I wanted to write a few paragraphs about what our vision is and how it is working so far. We first and foremost wanted to ensure that we were creating a space for all of our children […]

Saying “No.”

This year, I’ve been doing a lot of research and reflection on ways to be my most productive self, both out of necessity as a mom of two young kids with two jobs and a list of projects a mile long, but also in an effort to maintain sanity. In my research, I came across […]

Gracious Hospitality: Eating Together in Faith

Jesus spends a lot of time eating with people.  He eats with all different people, sometimes his friends, sometimes his disciples, sometimes people considered to be sinners and outcast, even tax collectors.  He reclines at the table with friends and foes and spends time in fellowship with them sharing a meal.  In the end, one […]