Christmas Time is Here

Advent and Christmas really is my most favorite time of the year. I love watching the snow fall. I love drinking hot cocoa by a decorated tree with soft music on. I love the worship at churchand the excitement that builds over the course of the month of December. I love everything about this time of year and I am simply ecstatic that it is here again.

I know that this time of year is stressful because of everything that has to get done before Christmas arrives. However, it is my hope that everything on the calendar this year brings joy, Sabbath, and light to your world.

On December 9 from 5-7pm, Pastor Joanna and I are excited to host an Advent Night for our kids. This is for kids of all ages (preschool-5th grade). We will have some craft time, some game time, a movie or two, and definitely some snacks. This night will simply be a time to enjoy the Spirit of Christmas together as a community.

Then, on December 17 during worship, our kids will show us the true meaning of Christmas in their performance of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” We are all practicing and memorizing lines together in order to tell a great story to a great family of faith. I cannot wait for you all to see the hard work and dedication the kids have put into this play.

It is my hope that this Advent and Christmas season is not filled with things that just have to get done, but filled with a spiritual experience that helps you witness the birth of Christ Jesus.

Our celebration of this event is not a meaningless activity; the birth of Christ is not just something that happens because it does. Together, as a family of faith, we gather around the manger-bed of baby Jesus. We gather around this child who is God. We gather around our God who loves us so incredibly much that God was willing to be born into our very flesh and blood and experience the pain and suffering of God’s children. Christmas is about reflecting on the very fact that our God, the one who created all things in the universe, was willing to cross the void of time and space and dwell with us here on Earth.

Yes, we put much pressure on ourselves to make Christmas a time of feasting and gift giving and decorating and all those things we do this time of year, including Advent Nights and Christmas Programs. Those are all important traditions that should be honored and lifted up. However, our Church is the place to come to be refreshed in the spirit of God so that we can go and show the world how amazing our God is through the birth of baby Jesus.

May you and your family have very blessed Advent and Christmas season, filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit in all you do and among all those you meet.

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