Rough Drafts

Rough Drafts are exactly that, rough drafts of thoughts, ideas and reflections from Pastor Scott. Feel free to email him to discuss, disagree or dialogue about these posts.

A Third Way – American and Christian

Keep in mind this is my “rough drafts” blog. This is my opportunity to let you in on some of my ponderings and wanderings. In no way does this reflect a complete idea or position. So, I invite you, especially with this post, to write to me and reflect with me on this little observation. […]

Annual Meeting – Boring!!!

Folks, trust me, I know, I’ve been there… I’m sure when you think “excitement” you don’t usually think, “annual church meeting!” And, in truth I’m not going to promise you fireworks and glitter at our annual meeting on April 30th at 10:30am. However, I do believe what we’re up to is exciting. Here’s a little […]

Public Safety and Racial Justice

Who we are: One of the things I hope for our family of faith is to be relationally connected enough to have difficult, honest conversations and remain brothers and sisters in Christ. Our vision statement indicates that we desire to be a “connected family of faith, inspired by God to positive influence our community and world.” […]