Finding Common Ground – A Panel Discussion

Who we are: One of the things I hope for our family of faith is to be relationally connected enough to have difficult, honest conversations and remain brothers and sisters in Christ. Our vision statement indicates that we desire to be a “connected family of faith, inspired by God to positive influence our community and world.” […]

The Greatest Gift

This month we will celebrate Christ’s victory over the grave, the one thing that zaps some amount of fear we as humans hold about the death of our earthly journey. At some point we have to accept our finite time here on earth and trade the known for the unknown, moving forward in faith. Sometimes […]

When God was a Little Girl: Diverse Images of God

I have a new favorite book. It’s a children’s book entitled “When God was a Little Girl” written by David R. Weiss and illustrated by Joan Hernadez Lindeman. I stumbled across it this past January when I was looking for children’s books for our baptismal reunion. The book begins with a little girl asking her […]

Follow the Peace

I’ve observed that many people are uncomfortable when they hear Christians use language like “God told me to,” or “God spoke to me” to help explain decisions they’ve made or paths they’ve chosen. I’ve tried to translate this to non-church folks as the same thing as “a gut feeling” or “a mother’s intuition” – you […]

Lost and Found

My parents love to tell stories about me and to me from when I was just a toddler. One of my favorite stories they tell was when I was no more than a year old. I had just started walking and learned to love my newfound abilities. One weekend my parents and I went camping […]

Gratitude for Normal

Last weekend my family was out to dinner at Fletcher’s on Lake Minnetonka. There was no special occasion other than the fact that my Dad is a “Groupon” pro and had managed to wrangle two free walleye dinners! The seven of us were crammed into a booth in the upscale upstairs fancy part of the […]

I’m Busy

I saw a license plate the other day that said “IM BUSY.” I shook my head as I drove behind this car. “Yep!” I thought, “isn’t this the American way?” “How are you?” “I’m busy.” “I’mbusy”makesussoundimportant. “I’mbusy” makes our life seem significant. “I’m busy” actually allows us to not have to really answer that question, […]

The Light Still Shines

The other day I walked into the Sanctuary to retrieve the SD card from the sound booth that contains the recordings of our worship services. It was a Monday afternoon and the entire building was pretty dark with the exception of the offices. It was darker than usual that day because it was gloomy and […]


 “Grand County authorities have identified the 17-year-old Texas girl who died Wednesday after skiing into a tree on an intermediate trail at Winter Park Resort. Alicyn Mitcham, from Colmesneil, Texas, was pronounced dead at Denver Health East Grand ER after efforts to revive her failed, according to county Coroner Brenda Bock. Bock said an autopsy […]

Love, Grace, Identity

I took a Uber car downtown a couple weeks ago to meet my husband for a work dinner event he had. The young woman who picked me up had a hijab on which let me know she was Muslim. While we were driving I asked her if she was afraid to drive Uber alone as […]