Faith and Daily Life

Happy New School Year! The other day I was thinking to myself that I should set some New Year’s Resolutions for my upcoming school year and then I both laughed at

myself at the thought of that and was also flabbergasted that it’s time to start thinking about going back to school again. We claim some resolutions at the start of each new year and sometimes we stick to them, but often we do not. Yet, at the beginning of the new school year, kids and families learn how to live into the new demands and schedules of what is to come. I can remember the excitement of settling into my own new schedules and rhythms the new school year brought.

So, what kind of resolutions am I thinking about? One thing I have been contemplating is the question of how my faith life impacts my life as a student. It is often easy to lose interest in my coursework as frustrations and stress of daily life gets in the way of the joy of what I am learning. Some resolutions I want to make is writing down one incredible thing I learned the previous day, something a professor or classmate did that I am grateful for, and keeping my teachers and classmates in my prayers. These are all simple things that take just a few minutes to do, but can help us remember the joy of learning and enjoy the presence of those we learn from and learn with.

As we get ready to begin our new year at Shepherd of the Hills with WAM, Kids’ Time, Preschool Connection, and every other small group community that makes up our faith family this fall, I encourage you to think about how your faith life impacts every aspect of your daily life. With the renewed schedule of coming to church to learn, worship, and pray, what faith practices will be meaningful in helping you keep in touch with God and the message of Christ every day? It does not have to be anything complicated or long – just some simple things that will help you to see how God is ever- present in your life.

One of my most favorite parts of my day is hearing how you build your faith life at home with your family and I would love to keep hearing these stories and talking about how God is working through you and your kids’ lives. I hope that what we do here at Shepherd can continue to shape how you connect with God and with each other and that we can learn from each other and uplift the wonderful things we are doing together and apart.

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