God’s Creation

Ah, spring time! The changing of the seasons is always one of my most favorite times of the year. There is always a different kind of excitement as the seasons change. Whether it’s the colors of fall or the warmth and new growth of spring, we are overcome with the beauty of the Creation and an air of sacredness.

I recognize that, as I am writing this, we are looking

at the possibility of yet another snowstorm coming into our area. Spring can seem very far off when the snow keeps falling and

temperatures hover in the 20s. However, no matter the weather outside, the proclamation of the resurrected Christ makes springtime feel ever present in our lives. The flowers that adorn our altar space and the kids hunting for candy-filled eggs mean that Spring is right around the corner and for this we can say, “Thanks be to God!”

Yet, as I begin to explore the blooming flowers and walk through the budding trees, I am often overcome with wonder and awe at the Creation of our Lord. I am overcome with the feeling of God’s revealing of God’s own self in the beauty and mystery of Creation. In Genesis we hear God’s Word that all is very good and I would have a hard time experiencing Creation and thinking otherwise. I have a hard time believing that this beautiful world which God has Created could ever be bad or lifeless.

With the change of the seasons and our attention turned towards the majesty of the natural world, it seems only fitting to hear this reminder that God’s Creation is good. I want us to stop for a second and ponder the importance of doing our best to be mindful and not reckless with God’s Creation. We have been entrusted with the gift of God’s creation and we must carefully discern the appropriate use of our created home. Now, I am sure this is nothing new for us to think about and I believe that, generally speaking, we are quite mindful of our use of natural resources. Therefore, I think our calling may be to continue discerning how to share this message that God cares for us so deeply that God continues to create a beautiful home for us to share.

Springtime is a wonderful time of year. There is excitement in the air about the pending warmth and growth of plants; school is almost over for the year and camps and vacations are being planned. I hope that during the business of Spring and Summer that we can take even just a moment to contemplate God’s love for us which can be seen in all the beauty of the home God has created for us.

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