There are opportunities for our children on Sunday mornings during worship:


Children are always invited to participate in worship on Sunday mornings. However, we realize there are times when this is very difficult for young kids and their families. We have a staffed nursery at both of our worship services and invite families to take advantage of this wonderful play space.

Kids’ Time:

At each of our worship services, we invite kids to accompany one of our pastors to the narthex after the children’s message for a special learning time. We spend 10 to 15 minutes exploring the day’s Bible story in more detail. Kids under the age of 3 are invited to attend if accompanied by a parent. The children return to the sanctuary to join their families prior to communion.

Preschool Connection:

Every Sunday, preschoolers and their families are invited into the Adult Forum Room for fellowship and a time to engage the Bible and their faith. During our 20 minutes together, we read the Bible story, do an art project or related activity, sing some songs, and, of course, eat our cookies together. Please join us between Worship services (during two worship Sundays) or after the Worship service (during one worship Sundays) to connect, learn, and grow together.

There are a variety of opportunities for kids outside of Sunday worship:

Worship, Art and Music (WAM):

Worship, Art, and Music (or “WAM”) is for children from kindergarten through 5th grade. From 6:30-7 p.m. every Wednesday, kids meet with Choir Director in the choir room to rehearse music. Then from 7:00-7:30 p.m., they are taught a Bible story and they make a piece of art that connects to that story.

We invite all families to fill out a registration form.  registration packet 2016-2017

First Communion:

Everyone is invited to the Lord’s table for Holy Communion. Formal instruction is offered for children who are in 2nd grade. Children who desire to commune before 2nd grade may do so. Please inform one of the pastors if your child wants to receive Holy Communion. Those who haven’t been prepared for Holy Communion are invited to receive a special blessing instead of bread and wine.

Vacation Bible School (VBS):

For a few hours a day during a week of each summer, Shepherd invites kids from kindergarten through 5th grade to Vacation Bible School (or “VBS”). This is an opportunity for new friends, fun experiments and games, incredible music, and learning about the Bible in the context of a unique theme! Watch for more information in about VBS 2016 in the coming months.

Click here for more information on Vacation Bible School.


Shepherd provides opportunities for kids 2nd grade through 12th grade to go to Luther Park Summer Camp each summer:

– Kids entering 2nd through 5th grade go for half a week (Sunday to Wednesday).

– Kids entering 4th or 5th grade have the option to go for a full week (Sunday to Friday).

– Kids entering 6th through 8th grade camp at Luther Park’s Treehouse for Confirmation Camp (Sunday to Friday).

– Kids entering 9th through 12th grade or their first year or college may have a traditional camp experience or attend Leadership Training Camp (Sunday to Friday, one week or two).

Contact Pastor Joanna for more information.