Vacation Bible School 2017


We had an incredible week at Vacation Bible School this year!  This year was our first experience using a Cross Cultural VBS program.  We spent our week on an incredible Norwegian Expedition getting a chance to experience the sights, sounds, tastes and even smells of Norway.

Click on this link to hear our theme song for Expedition Norway Vacation Bible School 2017!

Each day our kids learned a bible point that connected with the activities for the day and our bible story.  On Monday they heard the story of Daniel and how he and his people were taken captive in Babylon.  The kids learned that “When life changes… God is good.”  They ate a delicious cheese sandwich and taste tested their way through Norway.  On Tuesday they continued to learn about Daniel’s faithfulness even when he was persecuted and how Daniel was willing to face a den of lions instead of turning his back on God.  We all learned that “when life if scary… God is good.”  We all tasted a delicious Norwegian stew, saw some authentic Norwegian clothing and learned about reindeer.  On Wednesday, we experienced the story of Jesus and the saddest night of his life, when he was killed.  We were reminded that “when life is sad… God is good.”  Kids were able to learn about the polar nights in Norway and also taste ginger bread cookies. Finally on Thursday, we heard our final bible story of how Jesus helped his disciples catch fish and sent them out to share his love with others.  We learned that “when life is good… God is good.”  We were all to learn about fishing in Norway and even got to fish for our own snacks.  Kids enjoyed waffles with berries and yogurt for a snack.  We ended our time together with a grand celebration inviting our family and friends to hear everything we learned.


We want to thank everyone who helped with Vacation Bible School. It is a busy week that requires a lot of people and a lot of time.

Thank you to our small group crew leaders:

Cindy Koeslch and Louis Nelson, Joan Dillon and Elizabeth Barott, Angie Raney and Alyssa Edmundson, Greta Edmundson and Dylan Braun, Alexis Urbina and Helena Mitchell, Kara Piatt and Tallulah Johnson.

Thank you to our station leaders:

Nordic eats: Karla Palmersheim and Kim and Greg Frey and Sharon Peterson

Experience Norway: Hilary Nelson and Kayla Anderson

Games: Sarah and Nathan Miziorko and Colleen Roedel

Bible Adventures: Pastor Joanna Mitchell and Sam Shellenbarger

Director: Brian Henning

Custodian extraordinare: Kevin Wicks

And to the congregation for donating supplies and loaning us Norwegian materials.