Annual Meeting – Boring!!!

Folks, trust me, I know, I’ve been there… I’m sure when you think “excitement” you don’t usually think, “annual church meeting!” And, in truth I’m not going to promise you fireworks and glitter at our annual meeting on April 30th at 10:30am. However, I do believe what we’re up to is exciting. Here’s a little preview of the agenda:

  1. We have a great council. We also have  many people ending their terms, and a great new group up for a vote. I really hope you will come to meet them, thank our outgoing council and cheer on our new group.
  2. There will be a financial update. While we’re pretty much fine, we are a bit behind. This is unusual. It’s the first time in about seven years we’ve entered into the summer with our giving lagging a bit behind pledges and projections. So you’ll get that news.
  3. We will say, “Thank you” to our amazing staff. They are amazing, if I do say so myself.
  4. We are launching a new strategic planning process that we’re calling an “Engagement Appeal.” The big idea is to gather piles of input and ideas about our life together from the staff, the congregation and our larger community (think Hopkins and Edina social service agencies, schools, city councils, and even businesses). I believe this will be our next big adventure and will lead to what’s next for us as a family of faith.

So… while it won’t be dinner and a show, it will be important, faithful, forward looking, and joyful. I really hope you will make plans to be there. We have a fabulous family of faith, and this is an important part of our life together!

See you Sunday – 9:30 worship, 10:30 annual meeting!

Pastor Scott


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