Public Safety and Racial Justice

Who we are: One of the things I hope for our family of faith is to be relationally connected enough to have difficult, honest conversations and remain brothers and sisters in Christ. Our vision statement indicates that we desire to be a “connected family of faith, inspired by God to positive influence our community and world.” My prayer is that we can live out our vision by disagreeing with one another in love while remaining in relationship with one another. The ability to do this would be a gift, and a positive example to influence our divided world.

A Panel Discussion: We have all felt and seen the divides between people locally and nationally. We have views and positions on the relationship between Public Safety and Racial Justice issues. On May 3rd we will host a number of guests who will discuss these issues and topics here at Shepherd. At the center of our panel discussion will be Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, and Governor Dayton’s Chief Inclusion Officer James Burroughs. In addition the panel will include representatives from the Hopkins and Edina Police Departments along with two other community representatives. The panel will be moderated by Hopkins Public School Superintendent John Schultz. I am grateful for our panelists who are taking a personal and professional risk by participating.

Hope: My hope for this discussion is to provide different points to broaden our perspectives, appreciate the truths of the lives of others, and grow our connection to one another. I anticipate some of the discussion will be difficult. I anticipate some of the conversation will be inspirational. I trust our community to be present together in this conversation with love and hope.

In Preparation: As you prepare to attend, I ask you begin a daily prayerful practice. Pray for those in our community who feel mistreated. Pray for those who are tasked with protecting and serving our community. Pray for an open mind to receive challenges to deeply held points of view. Pray for humility, honesty and hope. Preparing with this practice will allow God’s Holy Spirit to bind us together in love and hold us connected. I look forward to the conversation. I look forward to the opportunity to live out our vision; growing toward becoming a connected family of faith, even in difficult conversations.

Event Details: See you here at Shepherd on May 3rd at 5:30pm for dinner and 6:30pm for the discussion.


Prayerfully In Christ,

Pastor Scott

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