A Call to Support Tapestry

Bishop Ann Svennungsen of the Minneapolis Area Synod shares the story of Tapestry with all Congregations in the Synod. Tapestry, a bi-lingual and multicultural ministry, worships at Oak Grove Lutheran Church in Richfield, Minnesota. Tragedy struck when Pastor Melissa Melnick’s son was swept into the Mississippi River. Please watch the video below and consider financially supporting Pastor Melissa and the Tapestry community. You can go to to donate.

Shepherd of the Hills’ Partnership with Tapestry and More Information

Shepherd of the Hills is a partner congregation with Tapestry Faith Community in Richfield, Minnesota. We invite you to pray for its ministry. If you are interested in getting more involved in the ministry at Tapestry, please talk with Pastor Joanna Mitchell.

Tapestry is a bilingual (English and Spanish) and multi-cultural community of faith that’s reaching out to form relationships with people from communities of many different races, ethnicities, languages, and cultures. It’s led by Pastor Melissa Melnick. Tapestry, a new ministry that’s authorized by the Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA, is not only about building bridges but about crossing them. In a world where there’s so much that divides us, this faith community is bringing together a diverse group of people who are united in Christ. They worship on Sunday evenings and enjoy a meal together afterward. The people of Tapestry feel called to provide radical hospitality to and include people who haven’t always felt welcome in churches. In recent months, Tapestry has been ministering and providing resources to people who have been displaced by the gentrification of a large apartment complex in Richfield. Tapestry currently meets at Oak Grove Lutheran Church in Richfield, MN.  It is also looking for congregational partners to support it through prayer, financial commitment, and by providing opportunities to visit and share the gifts of its people through music, food, and fellowship.

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Led by: Pastor Melissa Melnick Started in: 2014 Currently meets at: 5 p.m. Sundays at Oak Grove Lutheran church for worship and dinner

Three areas of focus:

Music: Tapestry’s talented musicians play at various churches and lead worship alongside Pastor Melissa in an effort to help us cross the bridges that divide us. Tapestry also plans to share its music at homes, parks, and other locations in the community and host “Songs & Salsa” gatherings.

Food: Several members are excellent cooks, and Tapestry shares the food of its people within and beyond its faith community as a way to build relationships.

Education: Pastor Melissa is a licensed Spanish and English as a second language teacher and a member, and another member of Tapestry teaches Spanish and writes bilingual plays. The two will soon teach language classes, and Tapestry will incorporate theater and poetry into its worship and outreach.