Kevin Wicks

kevin.webKevin and his wife, Jean, joined Shepherd of the Hills in 1981. In 2009, he became part-time custodian, and his role has grown from cleaning and setting up chairs and tables to looking after most aspects of the church facility. Kevin enjoys taking something that is already good about our building and improving it (for example, the LED lighting upgrade in the sanctuary wasn’t noticed by most people, but the light is now brighter and whiter and the bulbs will not burn out as often; additionally, energy rebates immediately paid for half the cost of the upgrade and energy savings will enable payback in only a couple years).

Kevin earned an associate of arts degree from Willmar Community College in 1976 and a Winona AVTI sales and business management diploma in 1977. He then worked at Wicks Repair and Implement, a family business in Madison, Minnesota, from 1977 to 1979 and several summers. He earned a bachelor of science degree from Moorhead State University in 1981 and worked as a production coordinator in CPT Corporation’s graphics department from 1981 to 1988. For the next two decades, he was self-employed and worked in the areas of graphics production, print brokering, and photography; he also held temp positions at Cargill, Photo Quick, other agencies, and was a realtor and house “flipper” for a couple years.

Kevin and Jean both grew up in Madison, Minnesota, and they own Jean’s family farm. They have remodeled the farmhouse and now go there on some holidays and a few weekends throughout the year as a get-away. They have two adult sons who live in Chicago. Kevin enjoys photography and traveling. He has organized several trips with the church over the last few years and would love for you to join him on the next one.