Thank You!

Thank you! Your financial gifts make a difference! While our financial team is still working out all the details, I am grateful to report that our total income for 2017 was right on target to projection. Thank you! Thanks to our council for their fiscal management, strategic leadership and planning. Thanks to our staff for the stewardship of our resources. Thanks to our team leaders and staff members who bring to life our mission and ministry, helping us all love God and love our neighbors in the Spirit of Jesus. Together, as the body of Christ, our family continues to grow in spirit, in numbers and in helping to usher in God’s kingdom. A place where all are welcome, all are fed, all are housed and all people are loved! Thank you!!

As we look out into 2018 our pledged income has exceed our expectations! I am so grateful for the generosity of the members of our family of faith. Thanks be to God! In addition to our generous pledges we have received special gifts to help fund an expansion of the work of Kaye Wothe, our Faith Community Nurse. Thanks be to God! We are moving forward with our partnership with Calvary Lutheran in Edina, which will provide us with another ministry partner and income of $5,500. Thanks be to God! And because of the love and care of pastors of the past along side our members; we have received a special unrestricted estate gift of $100,000! Thanks be to God!

This additional income, including about $6000 of the $100,000 estate gift, will allow us to move forward with an expanded role for Kaye’s Faith Community Nurse ministry and an expanded role for Brian Henning. Kaye’s role will expand to include such things as young mothers and expanded mental health care opportunities. Brian’s role will expand to help us in two ways: First we increase his role so that we can grow our high school and young adult ministries. As our numbers of youth grow we need to provide them with additional ministry opportunities. Second he will provide for the management of our electronic media presence, including website, social media, email communications, electronic photo, video and audio management. We know that by sharing our ministry electronically we impact our current members and provide a platform for potential members to get to know us a bit before they even visit for the first time.

We are grateful for all the financial support and the opportunity to continue to grow our ministry, supporting the work of our family of faith! At the same time we will, as a family, continue to work to expand our financial support. Growing our giving to support this work into the future. Thank you for all you have done, and all God is calling us to in the future! Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your prayerful support of our mission. Thank you for all you have shared. Thanks be to God!

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